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I'm an ambitious photographer who does not just blindly push the button on the camera. I carefully plan the topic and location. I have mobile equipment, which can be used almost everywhere.


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Behind the lens

The expertise begins with small things

Already in my childhood i was interested in photographing the world around me. It was very exciting to find out that there is a small black little box which did clicking noise and flashes, and after a while it created photos.

I was eight when I got my first, very simple camera and shot the first photos with. It was a Kodak Instamatic 233 with fixed focus lens. A flash could be attached. It fired for four times, then it had to be replaced. The camera made square-shaped images, which are now again very popular. (An example of the present version is Instagram).


In my opinion, time also plays an important role to deepen the expertise: You should start with small things to reach great goals. In this case, it means that it is recommend to initially work with small cameras and learn the basics of photography and then build on this knowledge to master the use of professional cameras.

The equipment is playing a smaller role you may think

During my years I have learned as photographer, that it is not only the equipment that is important, also how people can work with it.

Generally, it is very important how to photograph landscapes, buildings, devices, events and people.

It's not a question, that a high value equipment can produce good images. But are these pictures, taken with these high level equipment, in their topic as good as the equipment?

Stop by at a shop to buy high-end cameras is easy. I also focus on the theme of the picture.

Not camera is taking photos, it's the person behind it

The most expensive equipment will not help if you do not know the basics and rules of photography. It is very important to know and realize the basics.

So I found my own motto:

"Not the camera is taking photos,

  it's the person behind it"


A scream has torn the air.

I was at Rockefeller Square doing street photography. Local people have rested there, tourists have enjoyed the unique atmosphere, when suddenly ...   


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Broken studiolight got a star

Broken studiolight got a star

What's worse than a broken studio light? At the presentation a studio light broke down, during the shooting ...


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